Little Yoga

Grateful for the 'little' things in life

We live in a world that is extremely fast-paced, typically called the ‘hurry-up’ world. Every day is constantly busy with exposure to all forms of technology, school activities, extramural activities and competitive sports. We often forget to just STOP, PAUSE and BREATHE.

About Us

Little Yoga aims to create happy and healthy children from a young age. Children are life’s greatest blessings and why not bless them with the incredible ‘Gift of Yoga’.

What is Kid’s Yoga?

Kid’s yoga is not religious! ‘The word “YOGA” means to unite, the body and mind in harmony. Kid’s yoga and mindful classes aim to teach children to be able to relax, be calm and deal with emotions and navigate through lives challenges with a little more ease.  

How We Do It

We believe that kids are kids, so let them be….
Classes are fun, noisy and creative. We use stories, props, music and our imagination through play and different yoga poses.

Yoga Benefits

Refines Balance and Coordination

Enhances Physical Flexibility

Develops Focus and Concentration

Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence

Promotes Good Health and Well-Being